We are big believers in Academic Excellence



We shaped our discussions around the following learning values;

  • Be the change.

    We are driven by love for humanity and the desire to make the world a better place, So we put heart and grit to whatever we do

  • Student first.

    We exist to help students prosper academically and establish strong foundations in concepts

  • Hardwork.

    We take hardwork seriously and believe that it is key in delivering great features. At ReadBuddy, impossible is for the dead

  • Innovation.

    We want to be the world’s leading academic discussion platform and getting there requires unrivalled innovation and execution

  • Understanding.

    We believe that when students understand concepts, they gain motivation to pursue more complex topics on their own which enhances their problem-solving abilities, an important skill in solving real-world problems

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We are big believers in inspiring students to pursue understanding and go beyond the blackboard. We believe that we can build a place where students all over the world meet up to learn from each other, inspire each other while establishing strong foundations in concepts applied in the real world. Please join us today.